Reasons to choose Espresso:

Espresso 2.5 is an easy-to-use client-server workflow management system for LSPs and other businesses involved in language-related projects. Espresso helps you work more efficiently by reducing day-to-day overheads to an absolute minimum.

1. Ease of use

Espresso is by far the easiest to use workflow management software on the market. 94% of Espresso users were able to start working with just 4 hours of formal training. Espresso doesn't require you to memorize complex codes for various operations as other CRM tools do. Every button is clearly labelled, the interface is available in several languages and color codes help you avoid missing deadlines. Request a demo → 

2. Transparency

Espresso makes your whole business workflow transparent allowing you to tune it in real-time. Espresso comes with a pre-defined set of 10 reports that help you to get your organization's real-time performance data, easily assess project managers workload, prepare quality reports for your vendors etc. Request a demo → 

3. Cross-platform

Espresso is browser-based and runs well in all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Firefox, Safari, Camino and Chrome in heterogenous network environments on Windows PCs and Apple Macs. That means that you can run Espresso on any computer connected to your company network. Request a demo → 

4. Ease of maintenance

Espresso is usually installed on a single company server. No client installations are required. That makes maintenance, backups and upgrades a breeze. We also provide Espresso users with full technical and operational support based on Service Level Agreements. Request a demo → 

5. Scalability and Open architecture

Espresso employs industry standard solutions from Adobe Inc and Microsoft and is easily scalable to serve larger organizations. Its open, SQL-based architecture allows you to integrate it with other business solutions such as CRM, costing and accounting software. Request a demo → 

Some of our clients: